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Originally Posted by Ma ping View Post
"Force vampires" do not gain Force enrgy during a battle, they gain it once their opponent is defeated. They don't siphon it while they're fighting.
At first I was going to debate that, but you're technically right.

It would be a pretty even match I think. Both are skilled with the lightsaber, (btw, screw Lucas' saber level system), both have fought in major wars (I don't know if Anakin was a general, but..), and both can see the future (to an extent), among other things.

Someone stated that Anakin could see what the exile was doing before she did it? The Exile has battle precognition (The handmaiden says you have it if you're a male, but it doesn't change the fact that you would still have it as a female) so they're right on par there.

I don't know. I'm of the opinion that the Exile would win. And that's mostly because I don't like Anakin.
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