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Andros had expected the lash of lightning and was ready for it. What Komad missed, he caught with his hands, channeling the Force to store the energy and try and revert it back. It was risky since the corridors were narrow. He gritted his teeth and sent it back at Virul, narrowly missing Komad. He said, "Komad may have a bone to pick but this fight is a battle for all."


Back at the control center, Andros had managed to decipher the panel and was downloading schematicas and such. He said, "Kal. I think you can access the droids from this panel. According to this the maintenance and defense systems are tied on the same loop here."

A crackle sounded on the comm, and Jun-la's voice sounded, "You may be right Padawan. Kalla, even in logical manner a training chamber is designed to fool. Try and find the schematic or map of this level. Otherwise we can't get to you."

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