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Originally Posted by Te Mirdala Mand'alor View Post
A Force Vampire (both light and dark) can use the Force Drain ability more effectively than other Force users, simply because it comes naturally to them. The Exile could drain Anakin of his powers and life before he took two steps. Just look at the way Kreia used it on the Jedi Masters. She wasn't even a Force Vampire, and she killed them all and made them devoid of the Force without even trying. Imagine what the Exile could do if she really tried...
Being a vampire and using Drain Life are two very different things. Drain Life simply heals you at the cost of your opponent. A vampire becomes more powerful as they kill enemies, whether or not they use Drain Life. Also, I'm pretty sure Kreia probably used an advanced form of Drain Life. How else can a person by removed from the Force?

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