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Virul then raised his left hand and began to choke Andros with the Force, lifting him up into the air. He then slammed into the bulkhead. "Tyrannus, if you want to kill Starlighter, now is your chance." He said over the comm. "Now to deal with you." Virul said, swinging his lightsaber downwards at Komad, only for Komad to block, crossing his lightsabers and kicking Virul in the chest. "Impressive, most impressive." Virul commented. "You haven't seen anything yet." Komad replied, parrying another swing.

"Right. I think I can rig it to detect you, and I can guide you through, but I think it's more important that you get to the detention level than to us." Kalla replied, checking the other panel. "I think I can reverse their targeting systems remotely, and then deploy them, although Virul will probably make short work of them." She then cracked open the panel, crossed a few wires, and closed it up again. Then she hit the button to deploy sentries in the detention level. "That should do it. Now, according to this, the detention level should be just below you."

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