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Arrow Why so many Humans?!

I've played many Star Wars games and read plenty of Star Wars books and I have to ask: Why are there so many Humans?

Its a galaxy full of many different species and most if not all "star" characters or "main characters" are human. It seems a little racist on the part of LucasArts doesn't it?
And why are most of the species based on the appearance of Humans? They could have at least done something other than calling them "Humanoid" and "Near-Human".
Maybe they could have had different classes (other than the ones I just mentioned) for the body types of the many species.
I think it would have been more realistic if they had filled the galaxy with less Humans and "Near-Humans", and more of the alternative.
And don't even mention the canonical argument that Humans were the fastest to colonize, and humans were the most common species in the galaxy, and Humans were found on more planets. That's just a cheap excuse LucasArts came up with to avoid the subject.
Nothing against LucasArts, but they should have done better.

Edit-- Please ignore the flaming remarks of the Emperor Devon and Sabretooth. Provoking them will only make it worse...

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