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Like so many times before, Virul's body had been slain, but his spirit lived on. A voice was then heard throughout the fortress. Virul's voice. Virul's original voice. "Heh heh heh heh. You can kill my body, but you can never kill ME!" He shouted out. Looking around, he knew he would quickly have to claim a body before he truly became one with the Force. At first, he thought of claiming Komad's, but he knew that Komad's resistance would be too strong to overcome. Then he saw the Avalonian girl. Claiming the body of his latest killer. How fitting. As his spirit entered, he remembered how violently his past victims had reacted, so passing off as her would be impossible, and he would have to flee immediately. Seeing as Andorra was in pain, Kalla ran to her, but was stopped by her father. "Stay away from her!" He called out to her. "She needs me!" Kalla shouted back. "She's not Andorra anymore. She's Darth Virul now." Komad said, not liking that idea any more than his daughter did.

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