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Jun-la heard the screams and ignoring the idea given let loose a rage-like tremor but it was covered in urgency that shattered walls, allowing the door to be revealed. Tulre helped her in his own way by protecting her and Matton from the falling debris. Once cleared she said, "Let's go."

Matton in his manner said, "Remind me not to piss you off."

"I amnot pissed. I am worried," Jun-la admitted as she put speed in her muscles.


The Force choke hurt and Andros was helpless as he watched Virul take over the girl. He could feel a tremor though and it wasn't from his daughter but from his sister. He could feel her rage and he felt something stress along the walls. He could also see Tyrannus leaning lazily against the wall with a grin on his face.

Tonatius took off after Kalla to help her and to stop his cousin. Young Andros stayed where he was hoping that they would catch up to her. Tonatius was aware that his cousin was in too deep with the Force and with the overwhelming power of this place, she was consumed by rage. He watched as she struck down Virul and as Virul took over her body he became enraged. His eyes began to glow again. He said, "So this is what you do? Taking over a body to achieve your ends? You are no better than the dead Sith Marka Ragnos."

Tyrannus who had been leaning against the wall, having followed Virul came out and said, "You know Virul, a female is not becoming of you. Then again you always tried to go for the weak." There was plenty of time to deal with the bastard taint and his family.

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