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Ponderance: the future of the outer rims?

Prompted by a whole combination of shtufffffff..... and with Sabre in another thread here.....well that was the proverbial straw.....

I have been pondering what is going to become of the outer regions. It's where I debuted here on LF. Since talk of mods and storylines are both kind of partitioned off to other zones already...RPing is elsewhere...and SWTOR is in the works...and there will not be a KOTOR 3....... I dunno what purpose this forum partition will serve.

Something tells me, though, like the classic gaming part of LF, this area will just cease to see much activity and not close...

I'm interested in what others think of this, come to think of it. No pun. Saber, your prompting so you get credit for that much. There has to be other people wondering the same things as us...

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