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need help with Psyk0Sith tutorial

I followed Psyk0Sith tutorial on his site, and first of all its a great tutorial. I'm just having some problems with my model though and I've tried a long time to fix it so now I'm resorting to this forum. I took someone else's model and modding it.

First problem is when wielding dual sabers, the left one is on the top of his hand and pointing in the wrong direction, although on multiplayer it is held correctly. Secondly the hands are distorted and stretched when in the game very weird.

It looks like a Xform issue from 3d studio max but I even collapsed the mesh pieces and xformed like three times and re-weighted but still it won't go away. I have no clue how to fix it.

It seems to only be affecting the left hand, right hand and the left arm. The arm looks bent kind of strange. This seems to only happen in SOME of the animations such as the one in the intro when Jaden is sitting in the spaceship before Rosh comes to him. Some of the lightsaber stances his fingers arent distorted, and some of them they are.

One more thing I noticed in the tutorial mc5 bone is mentioned yet in the Kyle skeleton skinwrap tutorial file the MC5 bone isn't there....
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