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((Sorry I've been gone so computer and internet have been out for a bit))

Garrick and most of the Mandalorian troops had been seperated from their Jedi allies, moving quickly throughout the rest of the fortress.

He sat amongst the rubble that used to be a large pillbox, but that had changed when Mandalorian troops deployed their heavy weapons. Most of the fighting was slowly dying down, for what reason Garrick didn't know. But he imagined it had something to do with the Jedi.

Captain Durrel was not too far off, he looked to Garrick.

"Sir...forward observers report that most of the Imperial troops are on the run. We've taken some prisoners, and we do not know what to do with them....some of the men are contemplating executing them. Should we consult with the Jedi?"

Garrick sighed, "We have to find the Jedi first....they're probably somewhere in the center of the fortress."

Suddenly, Kajumo, who had not been seen since the beginning of the battle, due to leading a task force into one of the bunkers in the fortress.

"Garrick! We've found the Jedi! Come quick! I think their situation may have worsened!"

He jumped to his feet and grabbed his rifle, he waved his hand for his squad to follow him. Kajumo led the way, and Durrel followed Garrick. Time would be of the essence.

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