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Chapter II - Learning to use the Force

While I didn't think my affinity for the force was anything that would need to be used, Revan did. While the Master/Apprentice relationship that bloomed between us because of it, wasn't the kind that any in the Jedi Temple saw, it was thrilling for me. Revan was a great teacher, being very pleased at my quick progress. She herself told me that not many Jedi learn to use the force as quick as I was, that most take their early years at the Temple to learn control over it. That part I learned within a few months. The power I felt was nothing like I had ever felt before.

Sometime Later, just before Revan was set to begin her campaign against the Mandalorian's, she told me that it was time I build, and learn the use of a lightsaber. While this was something I was looking forward to, this part worried me the most. I had read much about lightsabers, whatever was in the coreward's public databases about them. The could, for the most part, cut through nearly anything, save for the blade of another lightsaber. But putting that aside, I found myself very compitant with the saber I built. By the time we were set to attack the Mandalorians, I was still practicing, But I had bested five of Revan's Jedi friends, who had been using a lightsaber for years. This helped Revan see me as an asset, someone that had some serious value. My Jedi abilities, combined with my prowess of War, kept me in the loop of all plans that Revan laid down.

The Admiral, however, had words to exchange with Revan. He felt that Revan training me in the use of the Force was not something that should be done in the middle of the war. Revan said nothing as he spoke, but I could tell that she had no intention on taking his advice. "You must realize, Admiral, that in a war, you must think about more than just the battle plans. You know that soon enough, the Mandalorians will force both the Republic soldiers and Jedi into planet-side combat. And when that happens, I would rather have as many Jedi on my side as possible."

"That does make sense, but isn't it true that Jedi take longer than a few years to prefect their use of the force? Isn't she, in a way, a threat to more than just herself? I doubt she had much control over the force as you do." The Admiral's tone was condescending, as expected. Again his belittlement of me was something I wanted to stop. At this point, I told myself that I didn't want to wait much longer to act on that emotion.

"No, I think she has the same level of control that I do." Revan turned, looking out the main viewport. "In a way, I can feel it. The things that will happen, what will change. Soon enough we will all see the effect this War will have on us."

The Admiral crossed his arms. I knew that while he was grateful that the Jedi had lent aid to the fleet, he wasn't fond of the fact that it was, in truth, the Jedi who were commanding the forces, not him. "You Jedi are all the same. Once you have control, you fail to realize that you don't understand the situation as well as those who don't rely on the 'force'. Why-"

Revan turned. She raised her hand, and the Admiral grabbed his throat. He was then lifted off his feet. Revan was laughing at Admiral as he squirmed. "Admiral, Admiral, Admiral. Someone like you would do well to understand that If the Jedi were not aboard this ship or part of this fleet, the Mandalorians would win. Then the beloved Republic would be forced into speaking Mandalorian. While in a battle I would love to hear your council, I do not wish to hear it on my methods." She released her grip, and the Admiral dropped to the floor.

"Speak like that again, and you might not be breathing the next time I let you go." Revan said, a fire in her eyes that I respected. The Admiral stood, and left the bridge.

"Captain Siyn, Its time we meet these Mandalorians face to face. Send orders to all ships to prepare for a hyperspace jump." Revan said. I said nothing, but gestured to my first officer to do as Revan said.

The time was nearly here. The time where the might of the Republic, combined with the Jedi, would fight the Mandalorians. In a way, I was eager to test my lightsaber on something living, rather than the training droids I had wasted, what seemed like a million times over. It didn't matter to me how bloody this War would get, nothing would make me change my mind about whether it was right or wrong. After all, I was aboard the Radiance, all to willing to do as Revan wished.

When the ships made the jump, I felt this rush. Something wasn't wrong, but I felt something. I was in my quarters when I felt it, then saw it. A tall, dark figure with a red lightsaber approached me. I drew my own, and fought with it. Before I nearly bested it, it severed my right arm, almost completely. I fell to the floor in pain. Then I saw myself with a two hands again, but one of them was black and shiny, sticking out of black robes.

I awoke to my officer shaking me. "Captain! Captain! Are you alright?" I realized I was on the floor. I stood, holding my forehead. "Do you wish for me to fetch the ships med-tech?" I shook my head. I knew I felt fine. The vision shook me. I knew Revan told me I might see something like this. My right hand and arm hurt, almost like they had been removed. I had no way of knowing if that was the future, or a random dream. "I'll see the med-tech", I said. He tried to escort me, but I stopped him. "No, I'll make it on my own". A check-up and a few hours in a kolto tank would likely be all I'd need. Possibly just rest. But even as I told myself this, my arm throbbed.

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