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"[Kreia's] hot."
What were you smoking when you typed that?

"how u do that"
If I had a quarter for everyime I heard that...

"'What do you wish fat one' lol, does any one know how do get mical on my team lol?"
lol, be a girl, lol.

"HAHAHAHAAA Mandolore looks like he's stoned!!!"
Whatever your smoking, stop smoking it.
"wtf, that guy?! from kotor 1, how do u get him? or is it b/c of a mod?"

"hey [snip] y do u study this game u nerd get a life u probobly sleep with this game"
And your probably failed school for having such bad spelling.

"’If father had been faster’". Doesn't she wish she hadn't been born or something? If so, that line is disgusting." the hell can someone get that out of the conversation?!

"modding is like a cheating though"
I prefer to think of it as..."Enhancing the game."

"huh? a mod? do u need to be evil?"

Great updates as always Shem. I always look forward to your videos.

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