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Originally Posted by jedi7000nathan View Post
why do the jedi masters not have the darkside apperence they had in the orignal BOS?
Because whilst it worked within the original BoS, it doe not within the context established in the rewrite included with BoS:SR

Originally Posted by helloa View Post
actually i found that after i fight revan and go back to the orion i lose everything not when i fight the masters
And when i do get back all my party members are gone
tatooinee is repeating itself
And after matildas vision im stuck as matilida in a messed up ebon hawk
I dont understand the mod worked last time
Have you used any cheats, such as warping from module to module? Have you tried reinstalling the mod? Have you tried reloading from an earlier save or replaying the "bugged" section?

Originally Posted by Salzella View Post
hmm... happened again when i reloaded. grrr.
It's apparently a random glitch that can happen sometimes. I myself haven't managed to replicate it, but have included something that should correct the bug should it happen. It will be included in the next patch.

Originally Posted by Mister V View Post
Hey all. Sorry in advance for a (probably) noobish question. My game crashes after around 3 minutes of playing after I installed Kotor and the mod.

Here's what I did:
- Clean Kotor install
- patch 1.03
- the mod, standard install

I'm running it on Windows XP SP3, so I don't think that's the problem. And the other specs are obviously way higher than required. Any help? I've ran Kotor on a multitude of different PCs, and this is the first time I encounter something like this. Is it a conflict in the game files?
Have you installed into a clean override folder? There really is no reason for the mod to cause any errors of that severity, at least on its own.

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