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"sidious destroyed a planet with the pure force alone"
First. How old are you? Second. What movie did you watch? Seriously.
"Malak is Sex!"
I............can't say too much about it
"Luke should be in the lead of the jedi"
Please read the game description or search the internet before commenting
[Some clueless guy] "Im sure that Revan had a higher Midiclorian count than Anakin "
[Shem explains how that isn’t possible and even explained the prophecy involving Anakin]
[Clueless guy doesn’t get it] "Wait... so Midi-chlorians had sex with his Anakin's Mom??"
That made me laugh!
"think about having a romantic conversation with Kreia."
No. Please don't do it. Not again.

Great update Shem

Bink's Sake

"I've barely eaten anything for many decades now. It feels like my stomach shriveled into my back........though i don't have a stomach or back because i'm a skeleton! Yohohohoho! SKULL JOKE!"

"My eyes have never seen such a pretty woman! But i'm a skeleton so my eyes don't see much."
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