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Name:Alriana Haltra

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight. (May change over time.)

Homeworld: Unknown

Affiliation: Jedi Order

Title: None yet

Weapon: Lightsaber (Green)

DOB: Unknown (She may be from around the time the Clone Wars began though.)

Description: Alriana wears a full body Jedi robe with a brown hooded cloak that covers her face in shadows. Underneath the cloak, she has brown eyes and blue/black hair.

Brief History: Alriana was born to a humble family and was taken by the Jedi council of old for Jedi training. She quickly grew to be strong with the force and was able to become moderatly good with a Lightsaber.

She was around ninteen when the clones stormed the temple and she barely managed to escape with her life. She managed to sneak aboard a tramp freighter and managed to escape to Wild Space and settle on a small planet a year later.

Ten years later, Two of the Emperor's inquisitors managed to track her to the planet she was on and engaged her in combat. She managed to defeat one of them before being knocked out and captured by the second one.

The second inquisitor dragged her aboard the transport they arrived on and put her in an experimental stasis pod to keep her from killing herself. The inquisitor was about to jump to hyperspace when the drive malfunctioned, killing the inquisitor and leaving Alriana stuck in deep freeze.

Now the ship is drifting on the border of Wild Space and Alriana is still stuck in her pod, waiting for someone or something to wake her up.
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