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I was having the same issues as recent posters (WS working but UI in the middle of the screen) and here is how I fixed it. I am runnig the version of KOTOR that came with the Best of SW PC bundle which is already patched to 1.03b.

You will need both the UNiWS utility and the UI hacks specific to the resolution you are planning to run it at as previously mentioned in this thread.

Make sure the swconfig utility is set to 800X600, this is NOT the in game options menu, this is a utilty that by default only runs once when you first run the game. It only has two resolution options, 800X600 and 1024X768. You can run the utility again to check or change what it has by double clicking swconfig in your KOTOR directory.

After that make sure, as per instructions, that UNiWS is run with the 1024X768 interface option from the drop down selections. As a side note to the person that wasn't able to enter in resolutions into UNiWS, did you run the utility before? I had fist run UNiWS and had picked something other then 1024X768 from the drop down menu. When I ran it again I had to first pick the resolution I had picked previously, click "unpatch" then change my dropdown selection to the 1024X768 before it would allow me to type in my resolution and hit patch again.

Last note, when loading a saved game I had to go into the in game options/graphics/resolution menu and toggle back and forth between the two options listed (1024X768 and 1920X1080 for me) before everything applied properly.

Hope that helps.
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