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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
That is not what I am suggesting. Anyone who 'disproves' a source without offering an effective counter argument and proclaim that they are right is lying. Or at the very least, that person supplants the opposite side by pouring sand into their argument and offering nothing of value to the debate.

I'm not one to easily change my opinion, but only because I make one based on a solid foundation of proof. When I don't have that much proof to go on, my opinion is very flexible to change, and I don't put much value in that belief. If I did, I would be lying.
What are you hoping to accomplish with this thread, besides making a large scene?

If you could tell us, then perhaps we could work towards a resolution (or at least an end) and you could get off your high horse?

Seems like a soapbox instead of a discussion thread.


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