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Quote: Igyman: The example that you mentioned - a person who offers a counter-opinion without immediately explaining how they formed that opinion isn't lying. You can question the value of their argument, but you can't accuse them of lying.

If a person offers a counter opinion to mine, there is nothing wrong with that. If proof is requested and they don't present a compelling counter argument, then it just goes to the credibility of their case. If I'm the only one who doesn't agree with that, then the way I respond goes to my credibility.

If people are convinced that the opposite side is right, then they clearly made a better case than I did. If the opposite side did nothing more than attack my credibility by creating a circular argument, I would consider that a personal offense because it was not backed by anything of intellectual value.

Example: It's clear you have no idea what you're talking about
Example: If you actually were there, you would see it's different from what you get in a book. It's obvious that you've never been to ******, so there's no point in you trying to argue.
Example: Given as you are wrong here, then you could be wrong about ****.

Both of these have actually been thrown at me before and they were insulting because they weren't true.

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