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Name: Johra Ulgut

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Hetero

Homeworld: Coruscant

Affiliation: Jedi Order

Title: Knight

Weapon: Blue Lightsaber


Appearance: Taller than most, muscular. Ice blue eyes and blonde straight shoulderlenth hair. He wears a brown Jedi tunic, tabards, pants and black boots. Over that he wears a long flowing brown robe.

Brief History: He was an orphan on the streets of Coruscant, when he was found by a Jedi Knight. He was trained at the Jedi Praxeum, and he was very fast to act and careless, with a happy sight on life. He met a woman whom he started a relationship with, but after a year she was killed by the Empire. The loss almost turned him to the Dark Side, but he came back and after that was much more serious. Soon after he was promoted to Jedi Knight.

Name: Naeros Laris

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Hetero

Homeworld: Unknown

Affiliation: New Empire

Title: Storm Commando leader

Weapon: Modified E11-blaster rifle (They still use those right?), dual SE-14r pistols.


Description: Muscular, short styled hair, green eyes. He wears a storm commando armor when in battle, other times he wears a jump suit with black boots. Picture

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