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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Final thought: I must admit that I haven't read that many of your posts. However what little I have read leads me to believe that you are a person who makes an effort to examine arguments critically. Kudos. The world needs more people like this.
Thank-you. I was starting to think that I've essentially presented so much conflicting material that no one would believe anything I ever say again. I try to understand how the other side comes to their conclusion, but I end up assuming everyone knows why I came to my own conclusion and don't present what lead me to a different conclusion in the first place. This isn't Kavar's, so I didn't make an effort to present conclusive proof or to treat this as a debate.

I am by no means an expert on the subject of body armour. I have read many texts about it and spoke to various individuals, but I haven't exactly compiled a list that I would include with a term paper. I do take into consideration many aspects outside of what I've stated, but assume not to go to the effort of including it until the matter and sources are asked for.

I saw most videos on Youtube that show the tests done on DS, including Mail Call, CSNBC, and future weapons. Some included Jim Mcgee, the designer of Interceptor, advocating for DS.

Here is a site that brings to question the reliability of the tests done on DS:

From this, witnesses who've filmed the tests, check-in records, and extraordinary conditions were found that suggest that the Army manipulated records against DS. If you have a level 4 round fired at a level III vest, that is not regarded as a failure by DS, but is recorded as such.

Some witnesses say that the actual video presented publicly wasn't how the tests actually happened. When you remove the ballistic plates from a vest, a penetration isn't considered a failure.

This site has various links to other sites for readers to look for themselves.

Here is an independent video on DS:

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