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Name: Nandorr "The Raak"
Species: Cathar
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Homeworld: Cathar
Affiliation: Jensaarai, Jedi Order
Title: Jensaarai Defender
Weapon: Single-bladed white colored dual-phase lightsaber. A pair of retractable claws on each of his gauntlets along with every protruding horn that is attached to his armor. When unarmored, his natural claws, teeth and fists.
Description: The beast and his armor. Nandorr stands at a towering two meters, thus being larger than many of his own species and when wearing the traditional armor he looks even taller than that. His fur is a yellowish brown tone naturally but when removing his Raak-inspired armor for others' convenience (or inconvenience), he changes much of it to a brighter orange with black stripes, just to confuse any slow or less educated people over his species.

Brief history: Nobody knows how or why this Cathar left his people and joined the ranks of the Jensaarai. Well, he knows but he rarely talks of it. The many scars beneath his fur shows an early history of violence. The earliest days he will talk about were the years of his tutelage with the Jensaarai and early missions with his Defender(equal to Master in the Jedi Order) and his years fighting alongside Jedi with the other Jensaarai moving to help Jedi when they were fighting a good fight with less than enthusiastic help from other factions in the Galaxy. His training taught him the traditional basic lightsaber skills and in the later years advanced these lightsaber skills to comprehend the ancient From IV: Ataru; the Aggression form. This suited his natural dexterity and power and, to the surprise of many of his friends and his Defender master, helped him calm himself and concentrate by channeling energy into the fighting and then restoring himself with a long and insightful meditation session.

Although he was interested in the histories of the different Force sects and wished to remain with the Jensaarai to learn of their history after he became a Defender, instead the Saarak-kaar gave him and several other Jensaarai a mission to go out from amongst the others and help the Jedi with the peacekeeping in the galaxy. The arrival of several tens of Jensaarai, more than had been seen together anywhere else but on Susevfi, surprised many Jedi when their shuttle landed in front of the Jedi temple on Ossus and offloaded the Force-users. Ever since then, which was about five or six years ago, Nandorr has been with the Jedi, learning and helping their operations wherever the help of an intimidating looking Jensaarai would be needed. During these years he was named "The Raak", mainly because nobody seemed to pronounce his real name correctly and because it distinguished him from the rest of the Jensaarai that he came with. Especially since every single one of them had a different wild animal they fashioned their armors after and his happened to be one of the Raak designs which numbered one in the group that came to the Jedi but was more than common amongst the other Jensaarai in the Galaxy.

I will seriously try to be active when this starts, guys. Now that there's no more school hindering my activity, that is

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