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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
Here's some proof right there that the Army will sacrifice the safety of its troops to save money.
Tommycat's second part of his post quotes a source saying the thing falls apart when the temprature hits 120 degrees. There's proof right there that they weren't willing to sacrifice troop safety on something that doesn't work. It gets up to and over 120 degrees in the summer in Iraq and other deserts. As the wife of a soldier who is on active duty and could end up in Iraq any time the Army wanted, I'm very glad that some general looked at the reliability data and decided that it would not be intelligent to buy something that would have a critical and potentially life-threatening failure in conditions that we fight in on a regular basis right now. So the scales fall down in the bottom of the vest at 120 degrees? Great. We'll have excellent beltline protection from bullets while other little things like the heart, lungs, liver, and spleen are without any protection except cloth.

It would be a completely irresponsible use of our money and soldiers to put them in substandard armor. It is not perfect, as DY claims, if it falls apart in the middle of battle on a hot summer day. If they solve the delamination problem, then it can be re-assessed, but we shouldn't buy and use the DS armor before the problem is fixed.

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