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Sorry I haven't been on in so long--got back from a business trip to New Orleans late last night, and only now have I been starting to think straight!I have also decided to refer to my character as Andirrul now--a combination of Andorra and Virul. Whenever Virul speaks through Andorra, the dialogue will be italicized. When Andorra wants to scream, she'll use all caps to do so.

Andirrul stared at the Jedi, her blue eyes wild and hyper-focused, effects of her new state of possession. "I have not been slain," she said softly. "Rather, I have been reborn, as this is my new body. I should see fit to kill you all in a single blow, but I will not. The Sith have always promoted survival of the fittest. We shall now see which of you are fit to live and fit to die.

"I shall set this facility to explode in the space of two minutes,"
she announced. "Are you truly my loyal thralls? Then leave, if you have the speed and the courage. Are you my enemies? Then try to escape those who have pledged their loyalty to me as you outrun the self-destruct sequence. Perhaps we shall live to fight another day, but I highly doubt it." A mad smirk crossed her lips. She went to a nearby console and pressed a few buttons. "The escape pods are where I'm heading," she drawled. "Get there, or die trying!" Andirrul fled, the Force spurring her on.

Virul had given her almost supernatural speed, as his spirit was powerful and incredibly attuned to the Dark Side of the Force. There was no way that anyone else could catch up, or so Andirrul thought. She crammed herself into one of the widest vessels and pushed a button to detach herself from the quickly-crumbling facility. Alarms were blaring everywhere, nearly shattering the eardrums of all who heard them. She, however, was fully unaffected...

The escape pod was a hunk of metal, easily attuneable to Force commands. Andirrul, instead of heading for the nearest planet, decided to hang there in space and see if any other pods would follow her--or if all would be lost.

She licked her lips again. Andirrul hoped not. Where was the fun in dead Jedi? Sith were strengthened by constant battle, constant testing, and constant threats. It was how they became stronger, or perished in the attempt...
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