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Kotor Dis Droid/Destroy Droid saving throw bug

Huh? Am I the first to notice this bug? Maybe I am better than the LucasArts quality department, lol. The second and 3rd tiers of Droid destruction powers use the wrong saving throws (Reflex instead of Fortitude). To fix, edit the include k_inc_force.nss and change SAVING_THROW_REFLEX to SAVING_THROW_FORT. Then recompile the k_sp1_generic script.

The first tier of this spell uses the proper saving throws. Only the 2nd and 3rd ones are bugged. It's actually an aggravating bug, since most droids have higher Fort than reflex, so it's like a cheat. E.g., the assault droid at the Sith base on Taris has Fort 14/Reflex 7. So you actually need a DC of 35 to break through with a 100 per cent chance
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