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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
Tommycat's second part of his post quotes a source saying the thing falls apart when the temprature hits 120 degrees. There's proof right there that they weren't willing to sacrifice troop safety on something that doesn't work.
So they did give Dragon Skin to all the armed forces? I remember that it was banned before it was even confirmed that it was prone to failure in hot conditions. Third party sources had tested the vests and brought serious question to the Army's tests, even under optimal conditions. If the Army manipulated tests under optimal conditions, then how can we be sure they didn't alter DS under unfavorable conditions?

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
So the scales fall down in the bottom of the vest at 120 degrees? Great. We'll have excellent beltline protection from bullets while other little things like the heart, lungs, liver, and spleen are without any protection except cloth.
Yeah, while those wearing Interceptor will always leave some of their vital organs exposed under any circumstances. Yeah, DS fails in extreme heat, but it's not like it completely breaks down... did you notice that virtually all those penetrations of which the Army claims landed only on the areas where a disc was missing? Of course, if you know where to fire, then that might make it easier to penetrate the vest. If you aimed only at where the Interceptor plates don't cover the torso, it would fail every time.

If you have a gap in the mesh that exposes the heart, there is still a LOT of the vest that still works properly. Notice in the X-rays that the test shots were made at the locations where the discs left the body exposed? I don't believe our enemies had X-ray vision to know where to shoot. If you fired at it with an Ak, I wouldn't put it past there being a few hits at the exposed areas, but the majority of the shots would still have been stopped in the areas that hadn't been compromised. Pepper an Interceptor vest and the same thing would happen. Fire at an uncompromised DS vest, and it would outperform Interceptor in every way.

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
It would be a completely irresponsible use of our money and soldiers to put them in substandard armor.
Then why are there instances when the Army does equip special forces with this substandard vest? Why would they classify so much about their tests if DS doesn't stand a chance against Interceptor? Why would they distort statistics and deliberately modify statements of witnesses to something completely different than they recalled? How could so many third-party sources come to such different conclusions about the same tests?

I would assume there's more to this than the Army wants to admit. I call it irresponsible and depraved indifference to human life if they have distorted tests in order to keep a contract with Point-blank for an inferior product. Pinnacle has come up with a brilliant design in body armour and if they haven't been given a fair trial, then that's not irresponsible; that's a criminal act against life.

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