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Simulating Improved Force Regen feat in Kotor 1

TSL has a very useful feat that allows you to regenerate force points more quickly outside of combat. This is very useful if you know how the Aurora game engine works. It's actually the same in all Aurora based games, be it Kotor 1, TSL, NWN 1 or NWN2.

When an enemy attacks your party, your party members become focussed and start determining combat rounds. Then the game considers you in combat. Doesn't matter for NWN2, since spells must be memorised through resting, but it's important for Kotor, since the force regen rate is different for combat and outside of combat.

The thing is, if you incapacitate enemies before they can attack you, both Kotor and Kotor 2 consider you out of combat! Provided you have the improved force regen feat and an extremely high Wisdom in TSL, you will regenerate force points quicker than you can spend them, as long as you keep enemies incapacitated (insanity, stasis field, choke, whatever).

Even an attempt by an enemy to attack you already counts as an attack, switching you into combat mode and stopping the force regeneration. So if you recast the incapacitating spell right before the previous one wears off, an enemy may have enough time to raise his weapon, switching your party to combat mode. Don't allow this!

To simulate the improved force regen in Kotor 1, edit regeneration.2da and set the outofcombat regen rate to at least 3, maybe even 4. This way you can use your powers all the time, as long as nobody attacks you. This is not even a cheat. It's supposed to work this way, as approved by Obsidian and LucasArts
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