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Name: Andirrul (Andorra/Virul), Lady of Madness (as Kreia was Lady of Betrayal)
Species: Avalonian
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Homeworld: Avalon
Affiliation: Sith
Title: Dark Lady of the Sith
Weapon: 'Chetyrnadtsat', her loyal blade, has been the template for her two red sabers. Each one bears a chunk of Chetyrnadtsat's metal in the hilt.
Description: Andorra Evenstar, though possessed and in the throes of the most diabolical scheme since Senator Palpatine's, is trying to retain her own sanity. That is why she prefers to call herself Andirrul, and feels no shame when others deem her the Lady of Madness. Who will triumph in the end--herself or Virul?
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