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(actually, I think the plan is for the RP to end soon, and for the Virul controlling Andorra story to be resolved in Part VI. I really hope you'll reprise the roles for it)

"Get to those escape pods, I'll get the governor out of here!" Komad told the rest of the group. "I've lost enough people important to me today!" Kalla shouted back to him. "You won't lose me as well. There's an ATT coming to pick us up, but there's still a chance it won't get here in time. Now go!" Komad explained. He then ran to the cell block holding the governor and cut the cell open. "My name is Komad Kaltas, I'm here to rescue you." He said to the governor, and led her as far as he could before the ATT blew a hole in the wall and they boarded, leaving the fortress. Sensing the others were still in the building, Komad ordered the pilot to fire two more rockets at the wall. Once everyone had boarded, the ATT left the atmosphere at returned to the Star Destroyer Omas.

After that, the Omas was tasked with escorting Governor Starlighter back home. In one of the quarters, Kalla couldn't bring herself to do anything but hold Tonatius tightly and cry deeply in his arms. Having just lost both her mother and the woman she loved, she did not want to also lose the man she loved.

"Andorra's gone. We don't know where she went. We don't even know if there's any of her mind left." Komad explained to Governor Starlighter. "How could you Jedi have let this happen?" The Governor asked, practically blaming Komad for the loss of her adopted daughter. "We're not all-powerful. My wife died as well in there buying us more time. Virul may have taken control of her body and fled, but as far as the New Empire is concerned, he's dead, and they needed him. What she did was an act of sacrifice. My daughter was devastated by it; they had grown very close." Komad told her. "I'm glad that before she ..., I'm glad that she was able to open up about it, and find someone. If she were still here, I'd tell her how proud I am."

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