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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
The parts that neglect to take into account Interceptor's weak points.

Remember that DS provides full torso protection. So if shots were taken at Interceptor armour's exposed points near the shoulders and under the armpits, they would fail all ballistic tests as well. If you are suggesting that DS fails because it exposes critical organs, then Interceptor should be cast down as well.
DS doesn't protect under the armpits or near the shoulders, either, from what I saw on the pro-DS video of the guy shooting the DS armor--it looked like any other vest to me when the guy took it off the dummy. No armor protects the armpit or near the shoulders, except maybe a chainmail shirt (which isn't bullet proof anyway), because you have to be able to move your arms freely. Neither scale nor plate armor allows the necessary mobility, so I expect to see those exposure points in any bullet-resistant vest. The military is trained to aim for center-mass (center of the chest or back), not the shoulder or armpit, and if you have your arm up so that your armpit is exposed, you're doing something wrong. In addition, failure at the shoulder at most exposes the subclavian artery in terms of critical structures. It does not expose the heart, lungs, spleen, liver, spine, or GI tract.

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