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Originally Posted by Carsew View Post
I just got a tiny question to ask. Which factions are there and who are they allied with?
The main factions are the Third Galactic Republic (typically referred to as The Republic), and the New Galactic Empire (referred to as either the New Empire, or the Empire), as well as Jedi and Sith, respectively aligned with the Republic and Empire. Any factions that I did not mention can still be used, provided they don't conflict.
Originally Posted by Black Knight of Keno View Post
I also have a question. What in the name of god does a "One quarter-Human, one quarter-Twi'lek, half-Rodian" look like? O.o

A tall green-skinned human with huge black eyes, boils on his cheeks and a couple of lekku hanging from the back of the head? I mean, holy crap and the moose that made the mess! That is sick and twisted and you should burn in the nine hells for your crimes against humanity
Like this:
Description: Like her father, she has both human hair and Twi'lek lekku, but like her mother, she also has Rodian hands and antennae, and her ears are slightly pointed, but similar in length to those of a human or a Twi'lek. She also has a slightly greenish tinge to her skintone, which is otherwise like her father's.

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