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My guess is that Andirrul would retain Virul's apprentice, who was unspecified. Plus, in this setting, the Rule of Two no longer exists. Virul didn't exactly have an apprentice in Parts IV or V, though Dar Bodonawieedo was in Part I until Virul was killed. I know someone I could ask though, if you insist. Also, despite a deteriorating mind, Virul would probably believe he could claim another body once Andorra dies, and thus sees no need in an apprentice, much like how Sidious intended to be Dark Lord of the Sith forever through the use of clones.

And Tysy, I suppose with that title scheme for Sith, Virul on his own would be Lord of Hate.

Edit: In case you're wondering why the RP hasn't started yet, I'm waiting for JediMaster12, and starting without her is not an option. To do so is like starting without me.

Here's an image of Chev's character:

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