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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
Don't worry, D_Y. If the people in power nowadays have their way, the great evils of free enterprise and private ownership will soon be a thing of the past in this country. You and all of the other people who have been successfully conditioned to think like you by our wonderful education system will have your socialist utopia, and anyone like me who objects to it will either be slaving away in the gulag or dead.
I wouldn't take it THAT far.

The strongest survive and the weak perish. That isn't referring to people; I mean societies. Right now the US is the strongest military and economic power in the world, but that is because we have outsourced many of our manufacturing demands to China, as has Japan. That had given us an advantage to buy cheap across the world and transport it to the US, but as fuel prices go up, that becomes a liability.

China represents the greatest threat to the US, not militarily, but economically. They may be in a bad position now, but they are poised to overtake the US within the next few decades.

No, I'm not going to point to my solutions as the answer. It is impossibly more complex than any one solution could provide, but a part of any solution to improve the US economy is finding and reducing the inefficiencies that this state needs to operate. By improving the transportation infrastructure, many other benefits come from not having to overcome distance as much for every kind of upkeep cost.(police coverage, utility upkeep, fuel demand, transportation upkeep costs, and other items I listed before) It costs a lot to upkeep any kind of system network, but spreading it out costs much more. The idea of placing the same demand on fewer networks of greater capacity is sound.

From this allows the US economy to grow because a billion dollars saved is a billion dollars earned. Much more can be done here and now from reducing infrastructure costs than can ever be achieved through innovation. Once innovation catches up, then I would gladly like to have privacy in a suburb again.
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