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Any who don't like Kyle likely wouldn't be playing JK, JK II, and JA; let alone coming here and commenting, would they?

I do agree about the weapons he has stashed and think there should only have been so many he could take at a time.

Liked the way they also had great quantities of ammo you pick up from certain weapons that got lost with later games. I hate how you've got some guy firing at you with a concussion rifle and you pick up four shot's worth when you used to get 25 in the first installment. 15 shots for stormtrooper rifle, 30 imperial rifle, 50 fusion cutter, 30 assault cannon were great.

20 energy for disruptor (that's less than one full shot while they're firing at you without limit) 20 bolts for imperial repeater. 50 bolts per shot for concussion rifle... All this I can imagine Kyle carrying at once, so he's great... these numbers are not.
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