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Originally Posted by Qlivuer
LA will never let Obsidian make KotOR3 because they failed to meet that ridiculous time table.

Hell, all of Avellone's characters are already being retconned out of existence, if that's any indication.
Was there ever a KOTOR 3 in development, or even talked about being developed?

Tom Nichols: No.
Originally Posted by Jeff
Yeah, it's too bad that BioWare is pretty much not acknowledging the existence of TSL at all.
Originally Posted by Qliveur
I don't think that it's just BioWare, Jeff; it's LA. I think that they want everyone to forget that TSL ever existed, because it was the ultimate result of a failed policy of theirs. It caused LA a considerable amount of embarrassment and they caught a lot of flak over it.
Oh, the inhumanity!

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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