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Well heck all, who knows what might happen. When you consider the share amount of media that's been developed for KOTOR in just the last few years you realize that the IP (despite a paucity of rpgs) is actually pretty alive (See Duke Nukem Forever). I mean the old republic era is even pretty well established now in the star wars canon, and is owned by the original merchandising giant, Lucas.

Now, TSL.

TSL was darker than KOTOR. Maybe that's why LA wants it to go away. No more tsl, no more Dark Forces, no more Shadows of any Evil Empires, no... LA bigwigs want cute padawans and cartoony graphics with rainbows, dancing gungans and emo sith lords. E for everyones' kids' autistic friends. You dig it, Lucas and crew? Money.
You want good games? Get your kids into T to M rated games, then we can spend all our time and money developing shovelware that doesn't suck. Like TSL: The Lost Levels! Let's face it, Avellone and Feargus don't have much pull in the matter, it's LucasArts' table, they're supposed to make an offer, not the developer. And as someone mentioned above, it's never good to not be in good terms with the license holder. The client is ALWAYS right, no matter how wrong and neglectful they really are.

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