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Ok. So I see how it is. Mom and pop biz, it's harder to survive in urban areas, but if they can, they are the better for it. Needless to say niche' firms high in demand will do quite well. Especially do better in suburban and rural areas.

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
I wasn't clear--I was talking about land left fallow because the gov't pays the farmers not to grow crops on them.
Such a folly, and yet we wonder what more could be done to help feed the starving? Hmm. Or how about making able bodied and minded people receiving paychecks and not working do something else for that $$$? It might just save some expenses. Just an idea.

With modern agriculture techniques, there's no need to leave ground fallow 25% of the time or even rotate crops, though it helps to grow soybeans every few years to fix nitrogen back into the soil. I'm not familiar with the amount of of calories required to grow cattle, but I do know it's not nearly as efficient a use of calories as feeding people the grain directly.
Well, while I will agree there...on the fact of the matter for cattle...what I cannot figure out is why we're using euro based cattle, instead of indigenous bison: they're heartier plus less destructive given they are in their native environment. Just something to consider. I know I'd be using american bison if I were farming.
We also have a lot of farmland in the Plains that just isn't in use at all--there aren't any farmers to till the land in some areas.
Well, if it ain't being used for farming and has no plans to ever be used as such again for a number of reasons and factors (location, people, etc.), then maybe we can either
1) Allow native plants and ecosystem to reclaim it (and shut the enviros up a bit)
2) Construct these "clean/new age" power sources for generating economic revenue and jobs in those areas (and sierra club would you *PLEASE* stop deceptively wording your ballot analyses so that your sheeple vote it down)
3) Give something back to the red man for a change. Love it or give it back. Ok, so I'm kind of getting personal there. Still a suggestion.

Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
Except unlike the cow, people can't survive on grain alone.
This is true. We need veggies and fruit. Protein one way or another. and a few other things.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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