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My thoughts:
4 classes per side:
Jedi, Trooper, Smuggler, Technical Droid
Sith, Bounty Hunter, Spy, Assassin Droid

There will be no healer class. Every class will be able to solo through most of the game per their statements, so this would lead me to believe that they are going the way of more recent Pen and Paper RPGs like Star Wars Saga Edition and D&D 4e where every class as the ability to keep themselves alive. If enemies don't heal themselves and maybe have less hit points this shouldn't be an issue.

If each class has 200+ hours of story and can take the light or dark path within their factions, there will not be a lack of options. Do you really think the path of a Bounty Hunter will be anything like that of a Trooper? Smugglers and spies will have unique paths, Bioware will ensure that. I also forsee many talent trees so that every member of a certain class will be unique. Don't forget, we haven't even gotten into the multitude of races that will differentiate us.

There won't be a crafter class. I think everyone will have access to any crafting they desire. I won't venture to guess how this is implemented, but I'd think Bioware would take cues from both SWG and WoW and come up with their own system.
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