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Originally Posted by Lady_Revan View Post
Edit: I'm loving the Mara model in game! I just wish there was someway to change her clothes since I've just downloaded the new BoS and some of RedHawkes robes.
That's easy. Open appearance.2da file, check for the BoS SR row label that corresponds to that mod, if u want Matilda's robes maybe Party_NPC_Matilda label (that in 1st BoS, but I don't have installed already the 2nd BoS), start looking row higher than 500 for sure. Or find Red Hawke's robes row, don't have that mod either ...

Once located, backup appearance.2da file first just in case. Then copy modela, texa, texaevil, modelb and texb columns of the chosen robe/s over Mara's row columns, which is over 500 too obviously. This will modify only underwear and basic clothes.

For this to work naturally all the textures (tga), models (mdx/mdl) and txi files (if necessary) must already be installed in Override folder.

hope that helps ...

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