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Actors for the movie.

If you would to make a K1 movie who would you choose as you're main actors?

I would choose:

Revan- Hard one, It would be between Chris Bale and Gerard Butler for me.

Chris Bale

Gerard Burtler
Bastila- I think Jessica Biel can fit well on the paper here.

Candeorus- I think I would choose Ron Perlman for the job.

Carth Onasi- Hmm hard, I wouldn't like to chose someone that looks young so I would provably choose Benicio Del Toro.

Juhani- Damn very hard, I really don't know who to pick ... Rebecca Romijn? Don't know.

Jolee- haha Morgan Freeman could be cool to see, but I don't know.

Darth Malak- Timothy Olyphant looks good for the job.

Edit: There you go Jesus.

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