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Where to get German EGA-PC-Versions of Indiana Jones 3 and Monkey Island 1?

With the special edition of Monkey Island one and part five of the game appoaching I got a kind of nostalgic feeling...
I want to play
Indiana Jones and the last crusade and The Secret of Monkey Island
in the versions I played when they were release and I was young:
EGA, PC-DOS, German.
Unfortunately it seems to be easier to get Zak McKracken FM-Towns than these games. Not on eBay, not in shops selling second hand games, ...
Does anybody know, where and how to get these?
I already bought the VGA-versions, but it's not the same...
I know, I can use command-line-switches for making VGA looking like EGA, but I want to play it with the original graphics painted for EGA (and AtariST AFAIK).

Thanks for any help!
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