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Wrath looked around as the chaos unfolded around him. He noticed the jedi girl...Kalla and decided to follow after her. He could feel himself gaining on her, his footsteps matching hers. All of a sudden he felt a large amount of heat brush by his head and turned to see blaster fire. He was forced to take cover and lost sight of Kalla. He took out the threat that forced him into hiding and went to find Virul. Too bad for Wrath he showed up at the wrong time. He looked to see Virul's lifeless body on the floor. He had forgotten about Virul's ability to take over other bodies and mistook him for dead. He was about to leave when he watched Virul take over Andorra's body. He listened as Virul set the place to explode and took off for his ship still in the hangar. He jumped inside and flew his ship out of Bastion. With the force he able to locate Virul's escape pod and fly next to it. He reached out to Virul with the force.

Mighty Lord Virul, I will follow you to the blackest parts of space. The jedi got lucky with their victory. We will crush them into oblivion itself. Your body may have changed but my loyalty stays the same.
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