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Letís celebrate with another update

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YouTube Video

This video had the CJT0202 mod in it where female Revan and Carth kiss each other. Anyway, some people never had a clue to the animation issue when making such a kiss for the game. At least it wasnít as bad as the bombardment of comments about the Bastila and male Revan kiss video:

"What the hell kind of kiss was that?"

"That was a funny kiss!!!"
Talking to Carth often does help:

"how do u the kiss thing on the game someone plz reply"
Even though this person overlooked the visual kiss was a mod, at least they were able to get this scene:

"They didn't kiss in my PC version...sad...all talk and no tongue"
I got a lot of questions on how Juhani looked so differently, but this one made me laugh:

"man! what the hell turned the cathar Juhani into voldemort??"
Someone is about to learn about what the word mod is short from:

"what's a 'mod'? as in 'modification'?"
Iím scratching my head on this one:

"whos Bastila? Revan?"
The Xbox, PC, and mod confusion issues:

"How come this didn't happen in the X-Box version?"

"erm... which version is this? the pc or x-box?"

"i have only recently for hte 1st time played as a female revan, is this the same as the xbox version?"

"ive watched alot of ur videos and i dont recognize just about any of the clothes ur party is equiped with or any of the main characters u play with. ive beaten this several times on xbox, is this the pc version or something?"

"Is this from the xbox version? I have kotor on pc"
I think this gamer was thinking that it would have turned into a gay lover scene instead of a romance with Bastila:

"imagine what would happen if u played as revan as a guy!"
It could be possible that this person is still looking for the name Lehon instead of Unknown World:

"what planet is this on"
As Yoda would say: ďMuch to learn you still haveĒ:

"I got up to this part but Carth did not say that he loved Revan What am I doing wrong? please tell me."

"DOES THIS REALLY HAPPEN. I've never seen it...."

"Ok, so does that happen in the Xbox version or what?"

"Hey, does anyone know if there is a special trigger for this? I played full female lightside, saved Dustil, and went through this scene answering the same answers, but it changed as soon as Jolee spoke about his doubts. Instead I Juhani professed her love to me!"
Try explaining the meaning behind this quote:

"haha! HK-47 wont ever get a girl!"
Maybe this gamer hasnít played the game in a VERY long time:

"I dont remember that mission girl who is she?"

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YouTube Video

Someone is looking to get out of a fight:

"does anyone know if you can trick zaalbar with level 1 force persuade?"
Dark side reactions:

"lol I cried when I played kotor 1 darkside."

"no! mission"

"what? im crying??!!!"

"Poor Mission...killed by her best friend...what a nightmare."

"It killed me when I killed Carth and Mission. Oh well, I got a hot evil chick on my side."

"The Darkside is trully rotten and evil. That scene was sad."
How does anybody confuse blasting with kicking:

"lol it loked like Zaalbar kicked Mission"
Someone needs to pay attention to the dialogue:

"why doesnt Mission run off with Carth ?"
Then a connection is made:

"Oohhh.. So that's how I get the thingy of Carth after you killed Malak. It all makes sense now"

"Is this part of the story or a mod?"

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YouTube Video

This is a very tricky ending to get I suppose since there was a lot of confusion on how to do it:

"Never saw that ending in the game O.o"

"i talked to Carth and updated every time the Carth Quest, and killed Karath, fell to the darkside but it didn't happened to me! what do you have to do to fall in love with him?"

"whenever i beat the game dark side it just goes strait to the scene of sith ships how do you get this scene?"

"Was this scene cut out of the north american version game or is there something in particular you have to do to trigger it?"

"Is this scene in the xbox version too?"

"does this only happen if ur character is a female"

"this must be the alternate ending ."

"I really wish they had this option in the game since the first time I played as Dark Side I wondered where the hell Carth went after he ran away on the beach."

"how do you get this ending"

"how do you get this? ive never seen it?? do you need to be female?"

"ok i dont remember this part"
This one was my favorite of queries about how to get this scene because the gamer mentions how many times he played KOTOR:

"i did full darkside and i couldent get this scene and ive done it on my xbox like 50 times"
The sad reactions to Carthís death:

"it seemed so...sad..."

"Most ball-busting moment EVER. And it's soooooo evil."

"This ending is SOOO sad"

"R.I.P. carth..."

"NOOOO Why Carth WHY?!"

"aww poor carth lol"

"Carth No Not Carth Damn Sith"

"Carth noooooooooo"

"NOOOOOOOOO carth died....o well."

"Nooooooooooooo Caaaaaarth!!"
The limited happy reactions:

"YAY carth is dead i always hated him"

"i like this part"
Interesting comment:

"yes hes died long live revan the [w]itch!!"
Then this teenage kid doesnít realize that these are mostly adult characters:

"raven the teen [w]itch"
Here are some people who just really got mad at me for killing Carth:

"how dare you kill carth."

"Okay Shem, I used to like you, but you killed Carth. Shame on you Shem!"

"NOOOOO!!!!!11 CARTH! Dang you, Shem! Dang U!"
I guess some people never found Revanís robes:

"what is Revan wearing?"
I know the majority of these quotes were in my other thread about the confusion of Carth being in TSL, but I still find this hilarious because of the low comprehension skills some people have so I posted them again and I think there is a new one in there too:

"That part cant happen becuase the exile talks to crath at the part in k.o.t.o.r 2 were all the sith are attking telos"

"Carth couldn't of died though. He needs to be alive for KOTOR2"

"Well [Carth]'s in KOTOR2 so he should be alive."

"but in the second one carth is in it"

"But I met carth in the second one.."

"wait what? carth can't die in this one he was in the second one, for a few scenes"

"But Carth is alive in Kotor2"

"wait up.. i swear i saw the Disciple talking to Carth on a hologram in KotOR 2..."

"yea but he is in KotOR 2 im srry im kinda confused"
Here is someone of course who didnít see Carth:

"That explains Admiral Cede in KOTOR II"
Here is someone who in the middle of his sentence comprehends it:

"Wait wait a second though......hes in kotor oh wait this is the darkside version lol nvrm then."

"but this is a mod"

"Is this a mod or does this actually happen?"
Iím an inspiration :

"aye, i'm replaying KOTOR 1 as a dark female now heh... always finding new things in the KOTOR games - i love it"
Someone needs to go through my videos first before asking:

"Poor Carth, =( Could you please make another video and show the part when you kiss Carth? Please. I haven't seen it"

"is that KOTOR 1 or 2"


"Carth is my homie"
Canít explain this one except that the user who said it was a guy:

"Carth would make a good sex slave"
Someone forgets that lightsabers are very powerful:

"for a war hero he went down fast"
Another one of those off-topic things I canít explain:

"I wonder what it would it be like if Someone ruled the whole Earth."
A random dirty mind strikes again:

"And now Revan and Bastila become lesbians because Revan's boyrfriend is dead..."
Well, I hope you enjoyed this update! Looking forward to your reactions!

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