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Those people truly are primitive.
"Carth is my homie"
Of course he is, just like the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny.
"Okay Shem, I used to like you, but you killed Carth. Shame on you Shem!"
Of course, shame on Shem and pretty much everyone else who as actually played the game differently each time through.
"i like this part"
Yes of course... *calls 911*.
"It killed me when I killed Carth and Mission. Oh well, I got a hot evil chick on my side."
Yeah, it doesn't matter if you kill someone as long as you get a cute girl out of it. Sheesh.
"haha! HK-47 wont ever get a girl!"
Neither will you...

I've really enjoyed this update Shem! I look forward to more.

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