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Iconic Classes

When thinking about the classes they have left you have to look at all the characters they have mentioned. I sit and think about who is missing. Well, first off Leia/Padme...

So this leads me to believe this game will not have a medic class or split Jedi classes. I think there will be some form of officer/leader/politician. I have seen people in other forums mention this as a possible buff class.

There were a couple interviews from E3 that confirmed 8 classes. I believe I saw them say it in video interviews. The way they have the classes to me it seems that the trinity(tank/dps/heal) is not going to be represented. I really think it will be similar to Kotor in that no one is actually a healer class. If anything the Jedi Guardian, Consular, Sentinel are really just different "trees" of talents or abilities you can probably specialize into.

Another name I thought of as iconic was Wedge but I really can't see a Pilot being a class.
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