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Since many of the pics have already been put up, I won't bother. I agree that Beckinsale would probably make the better choice for Bastila. Seems a little closer in appearance and Bastila has a kind of Brit inflection to her voice. Perlman can project the right amount of gruffness for Ordo. B/c he looks a little closer to JB, I'd go with Sam. However, I think Morgan could probably project the reflective moroseness of JB a bit better. Besides, Jackson WAS a little stiff as Mace. If still alive, Frank Oz as Master Vandar (afterall, he's a yoda clone). Not really sure about Carth, Revan, Malak, Mission or Juhani (esp if you use that godawful cathar appearance). Since HK is a droid, go with the guy that voiced "him". Of corse Zalbaar could be just about any 7' actor in hollywood that needs work.

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