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how to make a really good character

Giving yourself a HIGH constitution seems to help a lot. See, at parts that I normally do really bad, this last time through KOTOR I didn't have NEARLY as much trouble, and I think it's definitely from starting out with a constitution of 18 and finishing with it being about 21 or so.

I think about it like this--the longer you last in battles, the better you do overall in the game. So, I naturally at first thought that a high dexterity would be most prominent. but, I realized that even if that's pretty high, it doesn't effect how much the enemies hit--and armor helps too, but still also not that much. But if you know that the enemies are going to hit anyway, why not make it so their hits don't matter as much? get more heath and you're good.

I'm going to see what I can do with a jedi sentinel in TSL with a high CON and WIS, so see how universal I can make my character.

but anyway these are just my findings. what do you guys think? have you come up with anything better? please share, I want to see what else is out there and try it.
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