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Originally Posted by The Padawan View Post
If you would to make a K1 movie who would you choose as you're main actors?

I would choose:

Revan- Hard one, It would be between Chris Bale and Gerard Butler for me.

Chris Bale

Gerard Burtler
I think Gerard Burtler fits better. But really, there's no telling thanks to
Show spoiler


Carth Onasi- Hmm hard, I wouldn't like to chose someone that looks young so I would provably choose Benicio Del Toro.
IMO he looks nothing like Carth! But a bit like Raphael Sbarge's character in Mass Effect, Kaidan Alenko:
ah, actually... on second thought... no.

Jolee- haha Morgan Freeman could be cool to see, but I don't know.
not sure...
Darth Malak- Timothy Olyphant looks good for the job.
excellent match! lol
Edit: There you go Jesus.
if it weren't for the pictures, i wouldnt know what they looked like. And i wouldnt be bothered to look them up!
but still, hollywood make up artists are insanely skilled. even if we can't see any resemblance, they could probably pull it off.

this isn't from the games, but it is from the same time period...

Brendan Fraser....

... as Ulic Qel Droma!

... Its uncanny! o_O

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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