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This is a pretty fun thread.

For me, there's one definite person perfect for Revan, and that would be Christian Bale, I think he would suit the part perfectly; if not him than . . . well, I don't know.

For Bastila, it has to be Kate Beckinsale; and even better, she's actually British, along with being to hottest person alive.

Carth, then Raphael Sbarge! The reason I love Carth so much is his badass voice, and you can't take that out.

Jolee; well, who else but the guy who is in almost every single damn moive! Morgan Freeman

Canderous is a tough one. when it comes to character, I'd say the way Arnold Schwazenegger acted in the beginning of Kindergarden Cop would be pretty cool. Or just a buff guy with Hugh Laurie's voice.

HK-47 - well, there's one person who I think would be unthinkable perfect for the voice; Johny Depp!

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