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Originally Posted by datary View Post
What about crafters? Do you think there will be a crafter class for each side?
BioWare have stated that the classes will be 'heroic and combat oriented' [not the exact words], and that really does not lean towards having a crafter class. Crafting as an ability that characters may learn - possibly even each class to a differing degree - is a lot more likely.

On crafting thing I would LOVE to see would be Jedi and Sith crafting their own lightsabers as part of their quest/story - likely near the beginning.

Originally Posted by dmcNightmare View Post
i think the subclasses could be very reasonable , if it wasnt called sub-class it would be called a talent tree or something else equevilent i guess
I doubt that there will be 'subclasses' as such. I'd imagine the role of subclasses will be filled by the path each player chooses in the 'skill tree' of their character. For example a Jedi could focus on sabre skills or they could focus on Force intensive skills - thus giving the same result as having them as separate subclasses.

One other thing I've seen mention in this thread is the idea of an officer/diplomat type class. I think this could work quite well, however the same quote I mentioned in response to crafter classes has bearing here; a diplomat does not scream heroic and combat oriented. A military officer might, but the Republic already have a military class in their trooper which would make the officer somewhat redundant. And, if we are to assume BioWare's fourth character pair will fit with the vague pairing pattern we've seen so far, that would not fit.

Besides, the 'spy' class we've seen in the screenshot I linked earlier lends more merit to the idea of the last class pair being a stealthy infiltrator, saboteur, spy or assassin.
I can, however, see a Republic 'stealth class' being a diplomat type... to an extent. They would be more inclined to talk their way into/out of the enemy lines so that they could execute their objective with as few casualties and as little destruction as possible. Think Splinter Cell.
The Sith counterpart to this would be a more audacious assassin/saboteur who would kill, maim and destroy on his/her way to the objective.

*shrugs* Too many ideas in my mind...

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