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Malware on LF?

Just a heads up, this morning I opened Yodas Swamp and recieved a pop up message (not window, message) saying "YOUR COMPUTER IS ON FIRE, LET US SCAN IT FOR YOU!!1" and redirected me to "My computer online scan" at
I proceeded to hit back on my browser, and it gave me the message and redirected me again, and kept doing it as long as I was hitting back only once, after I hit it twice I didn't get anything. I've refreshed the page and opened it up in new tabs over and over, but it hasn't happened again since.

Anyone else get this? Perhaps there is a bad ad doing this?

EDIT: didn't know this thread existed, else I would have just posted this here in the first place.

Sorry, but I do not know which ads were in rotation, and didn't think to get a screenshot. But I've been trying to make it happen again ever since.

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